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ACT!...The original.  The leader.  How it all began.  What more can be said for the application that has had some many imitators.  Except...give it a try.  We have been ACT! Certified Consultants since 1998 and have completed 100's of ACT! implementations.  Call us today at 630-263-9740 for all of your ACT! support needs.

Who did you call last month?  What are your ten largest deals for next quarter?  Who did you email last week?  These and many more questions are being answered by ACT! by those familiar with leveraging ACT! as a professional sales and marketing tool.  Please do not underestimate the power of ACT!, it just may be the perfect solution for your business at an economical price point.

ACT! is almost 25 years old!  Has your business been a cash cow for 25 years?

 ACT! in the "Cloud"?!? 

Yes, and this SOLUTION may be for YOU!

No server? Staff on Macs? No internal technical support? Want your department on a CRM solution before your company will ever move forward? 

What else can hosting do for you?  Call SalesTech Solutions for the answer.  Contact us today at 630-263-9740 to discuss the solutions we have for you.

ACT! by Sage Premium includes and ACT! for Web!  What does this mean for you...  A user can use their login name at their desktop during the workday and then they can use the same user name & password combination for logging into the same company database at night via ACT! for Web!

Below is a simple diagram that works to explain some connection scenarios.  Call 630-263-9740 to discuss your solutions options.

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“Chris was a terrific trainer for the sales staff and myself for the Administrative tasks for our CRM software. He set up the initial file loads and tailored the software for the exact needs of our business. I highly recommend him.” 

-- Jerry Cepa, Replogle Globes

"Chris has always gone the extra mile to make sure things were totally functional & periodically followed up to insure things were still on target."

-- Jim Alario, NWP