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Sage E-marketing for ACT!
The powerful features of Swiftpage’s email marketing and automated marketing solution are now offered within ACT! 2011.  Deliver marketing messages directly from your ACT! database then your send data is updated in your database seamlessly.

Email Marketing
Swiftpage gives you the tools to create beautiful email templates, send directly from your database to contacts, look ups, groups and companies and track who opened and clicked your messages. With top-notch deliverability standards, including ISP Relations and Spam check, you can be sure your message makes it to your recipient’s inbox when you send it using Swiftpage.


  • New template manager which makes organizing, publishing and distributing email templates effortless. You can also upload and store images and documents for repeated use.
  • Advanced Editor that allows you to edit imported HTML templates.
  • Integration with Smart Tasks so you can easily add a step to send and email or add a contact to a Drip Marketing campaign and directly access your email templates.

Email Tracking
When you send your email blast with Swiftpage you can track who opened, clicked, bounced, suppressed and more. You can also view graphical and detailed data about your send, and export your send reports to others for further analysis. And your contact’s interactions with your email sends are recorded into your ACT! history for easy reference.

Surveys and Web Forms
Swiftpage Surveys are more than just data gathering.  Map your survey responses back to specific fields in your database and watch your ACT! database grow! Set up an Autoresponder email to automatically be sent to your respondents when they complete your surveys and with Drip Marketing Autoloader you can automatically load them into a Drip Marketing Campaign to receive a series of marketing communications.

Call List
After you send an email blast to your contacts, your recipients open and click on the email message. Swiftpage creates a ranked list of the most interested contacts based on those interactions. Access each contact’s Call List score in the Marketing Results tab for easy follow up.

Marketing Results Tab
Access all interactions you’ve had with each of your contacts in one view within your database with the Marketing Results Tab. This tool tells your sales team who to call and what to talk about. You can also view that contact’s score within your Call Lists, manually rank them, view a summary of your interactions with that contact, access online resources and industry tips as well as the email you’ve previously sent them.

Drip Marketing
Swiftpage Drip Marketing gives you the ability to create a sequence of messages that are automatically delivered to your ACT! contacts at the right time.  Swiftpage Drip Marketing uses intelligent technology to send messages to contacts based on their interactions with previous messages and based on data in your ACT! database environment .  


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“Chris was a terrific trainer for the sales staff and myself for the Administrative tasks for our CRM software. He set up the initial file loads and tailored the software for the exact needs of our business. I highly recommend him.” 

-- Jerry Cepa, Replogle Globes

"Chris has always gone the extra mile to make sure things were totally functional & periodically followed up to insure things were still on target."

-- Jim Alario, NWP